Why Choose Us?

florida boat detailing anchor Florida Boat Detailing is owned and operated by Christopher Lafrinere and David Citarella. We have been professionally trained in all boat detailing techniques and it is the ONLY thing we do. We are driven by our pride in doing the right thing for our customers every time. Also, all of Florida Boat Detailing's customers call us back for repeat business. Call us NOW or you WILL call us later!

Why should you choose Florida Boat Detailing LLC over other companies that offer boat detailing services? There are MANY reasons, but here are a few:

  Us  Them
  • Professionally Trained
 They are NOT
  • Boat Detailing Experience
  • We know trade secrets known only to professionals
 Probably NOT
  • We customize our compounds for each job
 They use over-the-counter products that you can buy
  • We provide a high gloss finish (mirror like)
 They don't
  • We are not happy until you are happy
 They get your money and they are happy
  • 2 million dollars of insurance
 They don't
  • We only do boat detailing
 They are "jack-of-all-trades" and specialize in nothing
  • We fix their swirl marks (if possible)
 They leave swirl marks
  • Quality takes time
 They spend less than half the time for much less quality
  • Quality work
  • We work HARD
 They watch us work, to see what products we use and try to figure out why we are better
  • more

Call Florida Boat Detailing first, or you WILL call them second. We usually have to fix other detailing company's messes and boat owner screw-ups. (386) 214-0667 or (904) 624-4439
Call the Pros NOW or you WILL call us later!


Florida Boat Detailing - Boats & Reflections from Florida Drone LLC.

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Florida Boat DetailingFlorida Boat Detailing LLC

(386) 214-0667   or   (904) 624-4439

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